Creamy Wild Garlic Pesto

So it was spring equinox and our forests start blooming and getting all green again. This means a very happy me! Obviously I had to go for a long walk to fill my lungs with that fresh spring air and soak in all those soft sunbeams. On our way trough the woods, we passed a spot, where my brother and I used to drive around with our bikes. It’s such a magical place with a lot of very small paths and every spring it was filled with a ton of wild garlic and flowers. We harvested quite a bit of the garlic on the way home and I made a fresh garlic pesto that night. I think it tasted even a bit better, because it was from this magical childhood place. … More Creamy Wild Garlic Pesto

Olive tapenade and Tomato pesto

When I was younger my family and I used to go to Greece once a year. Every fourth year we stayed at a hotel on Kefalonia that was owned by a very lovely Greek and Swiss couple. Their menu was great and I had many favorites. They had a phenomenal melitzanosalata (an eggplant dip), great tzatziki and something similar to calzone, that was just mouthwatering. If I remember right, they had one with olives and one with tomatoes and they are the reason why this recipes are coming your way!
It has been several years since I last was there, so it might be that my recipes are far from the truth but nevertheless delicious! … More Olive tapenade and Tomato pesto