For my mums 50th birthday she wanted us all to go on holiday together so she rented a beautiful AirBnb in Tromsø. Oh my, what a great idea that was. I immediately fell in love with the landscape and the never ending days. Literally, the sun doesn’t set far enough under the horizon so there’s no actual night. … More Tromsø


This trip to Marbella was a birthday gift to Shqipe. I didn’t tell her where we would go and she was super curios the whole time. Her tries to trick me into telling her where we go were quite funny. But I could keep the secret and she was very happy when we arrived and it was revealed. … More Marbella

Roadtrip in Ireland and Northern Ireland

My brother and I decided spontaneously to go to Ireland after he saw some real cheap flight tickets (only 23 CHF / person / flight!). After some research we then decided that it would be the best option to rent a car with a bed in it. So we wouldn’t have to pay for a bed every night and wouldn’t be bound to public transportation or tourist tours. The plan was to travel one time around the isle, reversed clock wise, see a bunch of places and meet some people. … More Roadtrip in Ireland and Northern Ireland