After going to Tromsø a friend of mine and I decided to go to Oslo for a few days. It has been on my list for quite a while now and I was really happy to finally go there. We had an AirBnb in the newly built Barcode area, which meant that we were very close to the Opera. Sadly we couldn’t go see something because they had summer pause, but it’s definitely worth a visit just for the architecture. We walked around a lot but as Oslo is quite a big city we also traveled with the public transportation. It’s worth the money if you ask me. What I loved about Oslo were the parks, all the pretty coffeeshops and the lovely people. We were once walking trough a park and got randomly invited to join a picknick of a young woman with her friends and their small kids. It was such a lovely encounter and speaks for the openness of many citizens there. … More Oslo


For my mums 50th birthday she wanted us all to go on holiday together so she rented a beautiful AirBnb in Tromsø. Oh my, what a great idea that was. I immediately fell in love with the landscape and the never ending days. Literally, the sun doesn’t set far enough under the horizon so there’s no actual night. … More Tromsø


This trip to Marbella was a birthday gift to a good friend of mine. I didn’t tell her where we would go and she was super curios the whole time. Her tries to trick me into telling her where we go were quite funny. But I could keep the secret and she was very happy when we arrived and it was revealed. … More Marbella

Roadtrip in Ireland and Northern Ireland

My brother and I spontaneously decided to go to Ireland. After some research we then decided that it would be the best option to rent a car with a bed in it. So we wouldn’t have to pay for a bed every night and wouldn’t be bound to public transportation or tourist tours. The plan was to travel one time around the isle, reversed clock wise, see a bunch of places and meet some people. … More Roadtrip in Ireland and Northern Ireland