Where: Oslo, Norway
When: Beginning of August
How long: 5 Days
With: A friend

After going to Tromsø a friend of mine and I decided to go to Oslo for a few days. It has been on my list for quite a while now and I was really happy to finally go there. We had an AirBnb in the newly built Barcode area, which meant that we were very close to the Opera. Sadly we couldn’t go see something because they had summer pause, but it’s definitely worth a visit just for the architecture. We walked around a lot but as Oslo is quite a big city we also traveled with the public transportation. It’s worth the money if you ask me. What I loved about Oslo were the parks, all the pretty coffeeshops and the lovely people. We were once walking trough a park and got randomly invited to join a picknick of a young woman with her friends and their small kids. It was such a lovely encounter and speaks for the openness of many citizens there.
On the other hand, Oslo is expensive. Even for me as a Swiss person, that’s used to higher prices. Therefore we cooked two out of three meals at home. Also, I thought that Oslo didn’t have that special spark that other cities had for me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely city, with lots of cool things to do and see, but it just didn’t wow me. This is obviously a very personal opinion so I encourage you to go see it for yourself. I made a list of my favorite places below. Would love to hear what you think about Oslo if you’ve been there before or if you checked out some of the places if you plan on going.

Coffee Shops & Restaurants

Pascal (For coffee and chai latte as well as expensive but delicious desserts.)

Mathallen (For a variety of food stands and little grocery stores.)

Villa Paradiso (For a delicious pizza (better be early or book a reservation).)

Godt Brød (For well.. good bread as well as pastries.)

Fru Hagen (For a really good avocado toast and a lovely athmosphere.)

Olivia (For nice italian food in a pretty restaurant.)

Museums / Parks

Tegnerforbundet (Center for drawing and illustration)

Botanical Garden

Munch Museum

The Royal Palace Park

Viking Ship Museum

Shops (Clothes & Design)


Luck (Clothes, tableware)



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