Where Tromsø, Norway
When End of July
How long 5 Days
With My Family

For my mums 50th birthday she wanted us all to go on holiday together so she rented a beautiful AirBnb in Tromsø. Oh my, what a great idea that was. I immediately fell in love with the landscape and the never ending days. Literally, the sun doesn’t set far enough under the horizon so there’s no actual night.
For the first time in my life I saw tiny blueberry bushes and cloudberries. They grow everywhere on the sides of the streets. We walked quite a lot in these few days as there is so much nature surrounding the city center and we lived a bit outside of it. Other than that, we went for daily coffee dates in the city center – there were a few really nice coffee shops. Be prepared that the prices are quite high (even for me as a Swiss person).
Tromsø is the perfect place to recharge your batteries whilst also being active. The people there are actually really active, you’ll meet so many of them running in the woods and on their home mountain Fløya. I found the Norwegian people to be a bit distant at first but if you start a conversation they open up and are really friendly. Weather wise we got lucky. It was super sunny and warm but always with a little breeze. Perfect for all of you that like a little milder summer.
So all in all I really recommend going to Tromsø! It offers the perfect combination of lots of nature and little coffee shops. I will definitely come back some day.. probably to watch the polar lights. If you concider going there too, I put a little list together with a few recommendations of where to get coffee and what to do, as well as a few impressions of the beautiful landscape.
Coffee Shops
Risø Kaffebar
Great egg omlett, coffee and red currant juice. Modern interior as well as a few tables outside.
Lugar 34
Great cake – especially the øl kake (beer cake) is delicious. Comfy interior as well as a few tables outside.
Coffee shop and bakery in one – delicious baked goods and coffee. Modern/ industrial interior and a lot of tables outside. Has the longest opening hours.

Huken Pub
Typical pub feelings – dark and moody interior and a wide range of beers (also local ones).

Fløya (Mountain)
Beautiful landscape with a nice overview of Tromsø and its surroundings. Gets quite steep if you walk to the top so make sure to wear good shoes.
Tromsø arktisk-alpine botanisk hage (Botanical Garden)
A lovely garden with a wide variety of greens and blooms.






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