Where:       Marbella, Spain
When:        Middle of May
How long:  6 Days
With:          A friend

This trip to Marbella was a birthday gift to a good friend of mine. I didn’t tell her where we would go and she was super curios the whole time. Her tries to trick me into telling her where we go were quite funny. But I could keep the secret and she was very happy when we arrived and it was revealed.


We took a flight to Malaga and from there we took a bus to Marbella. We stayed at Baviera Hotel, where we made quite a good deal. We stayed on the top floor and the view from the balcony was just beautiful. Since it was a bit higher than the buildings in front it had direct sight to the ocean (you sometimes even could see Africa) and to the right you could see the mountains behind Marbella. The staff on the other hand wasn’t too nice but that was the only slightly negative point. The rest of our time in Marbella was just great!
I’d definitely recommend going there. The food is very good, the streets are full of flowers and plants, most people are very friendly, there are plenty of things to do and it is perfectly located to see the sunrise and sunset. Nevertheless I have to say, it’s quite touristy and if you are around the Puerto Banùs area the prices go up. But that didn’t bother me since we could easily avoid being in a crowd of tourists by not hanging out at the promenade and we found many good restaurants and cafés that worked with our budget.

13_marbella cacti

Places to go

The promenade
Yep I know I just said it’s touristy, but if you walk for ten to twenty minutes towards Puerto Banùs it gets emptier and you have the powdery path with aloes and cacti to one and the ocean to the other side almost just for you.
Extra Info: If you are a sucker for sunsets as I am, then I’ll recommend walking out to the groin. It’s also a perfect place for a workout because there is a round platform. Some nights there are groups out there doing capoeira. And if you like to move a bit quicker along the coast, then I’ll recommend renting a bike here. The staff is really friendly and uncomplicated.


La Concha
La Concha is the hill with the highest peek behind Marbella. Very worth every step up and down. I just love the Spanish vegetation. I love the powdery reddish soil, the smell of the flowers, bushes and trees, the colors and most of all I loved the view.
Extra Info: We drove to Refugio de Juanar with the taxi (30 Euro one way) and there starts the path up La Concha. You’ll easily find the way since there are signs along the way. It took us around 2 hours up to the top. The path starts out quite flat and gets steeper and steeper with time. The final part of the path isn’t an actual path, you just make your own way between rocks and bushes. Be sure to bring a hat or enough coverage for your body since the upper part of La Concha has no trees (and enough water! The first spring is around three hours down the hill and you’ll be pretty thirsty by that time). We walked the whole way down to Marbella (it’s a different route than the one up) and it took us 5 to 6 hours. The first three hours go quite steep down, not so cool for the knees but very very pleasing for the eyes. The rest is a bit flatter and in the woods (and there are two or three springs! Not sure if it’s actual drinking water, but we drank it anyways and didn’t feel weird after it).


The old town
I instantly fell in love with it’s little streets, thousand flower pots and mostly white walls. The people of Marbella seem to be huge fans of potted plants and bushes growing up façades. And I am very much too. The atmosphere is in a calm way very vibrant (mostly due to the plants, but also to the little plazas with Cafés and mini gardens).
Extra Info: If you’re looking for life music or dances you’re at the right place here. Some Restaurants have signs on the street and others just tell you when you walk by. And if you’re looking for Churros you’re also at the right place here. I’ll recommend some Restaurants and Cafés down below.

The beach
The sound of the ocean is one of the most beautiful sounds to my ears. This combined with hot sand under my feet and rustling of wind in palm trees makes me very happy. I have to admit, the beach in Marbella isn’t one of my favorites. I don’t like it when the only two options are ‚very close to the promenade (and therefore staring people)‘ or ‚beach chairs you have to pay for‘.
Extra Info: If you’re like me, then I’ll recommend you walking around 30 minutes towards Puerto Banùs there you’ll find the beach to be more spacious and you’ll have the opportunity to lay on the bare sand under palm trees.

Places to eat / drink

Gourmet burger room
They have three vegetarian burgers on the menu, many salads and sides and they have different buns! It all sounded very tasty so I almost couldn’t decide. We went there twice (you gotta try out all the options, right?). The first time it was burgers, the second time salad and fries.

Celicioso is a glutenfree Bakery, so it’s perfect if you’re allergic to gluten, but it’s a great place anyways because the food is delicious (and Insta-worthy). They have a cute outdoor area and a big range of pastries and smoothies. I especially loved that they have açai bowls, my second big love after avo toast.

I really really enjoyed this place (even tough we almost didn’t find it, because it’s a bit hidden behind a corner). The interior is really cute and the menu is just overflowing with delicious options. I opted for the avo toast and was really satisfied. I love when they give you olive oil to your toast, especially if it’s as tasty as this one.

This place is very cute and picturesque. They have a little store inside the restaurant, where they sell vegetables and fruits. To be honest, Shqipe and I were both a bit disappointed with the main dishes, but we really enjoyed the chocolate cake and the atmosphere (therefor still on my list). So maybe better skip the main dishes and go straight for the dessert.

Churreria (Old town)
I’m a really big fan of churros (hello sweet tooth) and even tough they were very different from the churros I’m used to, they were just as delicious. On top of that, they serve fresh juices which I always love. The location is very cute too, you just sit next to a tiny park in the middle of the old town. Very cozy.

No photos from that meal, because the food wasn’t necessarily picturesque and we ate it in our PJ’s on the bed in the middle of the night. But nevertheless it was very delicious, the food arrived within 30 minutes after we ordered it and we were just all around satisfied.


I guess the pictures speak for themselves. Really beautiful place, great for an active escape and perfectly located to catch all the sunrises and sunsets.

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